Top Strategies for Link Building in Social Media Marketing

Top Strategies for Link Building in Social Media Marketing

Many individuals outside of online marketing underestimate the influence of social media marketing on search engine optimization (SEO). Within the marketing industry however, its value has long been established. For example, up to 88 percent of SEO marketing includes links to social media profiles, approximately 81 percent of these are shared social media content, and over 53 percent of marketers have experimented with viral campaigns at some point in the past year.

 Build your Social Media with Links

 It is common knowledge that links used in social media are not followed as it pertains to search engine optimization. Reddit is the sole exception to the rule however marketing via Reddit is not really a solid strategy for improving search engine ranking. Keeping this in mind, embedding links in your social media can actually be quite important for SEO. Why – because it generates traffic.

 Make sure that your Content is featured

 A huge struggle for many companies engaged in an SEO strategy is how to get their content viewed. There’s so many pages online, much of them carrying the same information as yours. To ensure that your content marketing strategy is going to be a successful endeavour, there are some key components that need to be built.

 The text needs be engaging, mistake-free, and to the point. Researching competitors’ link profiles might generate some different ideas as to how to build content on the web, all leading back to your site. Building content that has a shelf life of at least six months or that can be re-used year after year is important. Submitting your content to niche news sites and content communities or social networks can help get some eyes on your site as well.

 Create Viral Content to earn Links

 Viral content is the fastest way – yet, also the hardest – to attract links. When there’s a viral news story, it gets press everywhere across social media, groups, and websites all over the world.

 If you end up aiming to develop viral content, here are a few things to remember: Try to aim your social media marketing towards teens and young adults, who will be ready to share viral media instantly. Build content that reacts to whatever is going on in social media in real-time, to create a sense of conversation and engagement. Be creative about the content you are putting together and make it stand out, even if viral seems like such a distant goal.

 Link Building in Social Media can be Effective

 Don’t dismiss link building in social media. By using these strategies, you can build your brand and website effectively, even if it does not necessarily amount to viral content or to a higher Google ranking right away. Contrary to what some might tell you, there is no magic ingredient or strategy to get you to #1 on Google. The companies that are able to get there achieve their goals because of a combination of strategies, including link building in their social media. Over time, your rankings will improve as long as you approach it from a smart place.

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