How to Hire a Freelancer for Your Project

Are you hiring the right freelancer for your project
Do you need a freelancer to help increase productivity, expand your company, or to help with a project – there are a few things you need to know. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, be smart about hiring a freelancer. This list makes up 10 key aspects of hiring a freelancer for your project. Be sure to keep these in mind as you embark on hiring a partner for your project.

 Plan the Freelancer’s Role in your Project

 Prepare a project brief to provide to a freelancer containing deliverables, timeline, and payment schedule. From a freelancer’s perspective, seeing this information upfront helps them determine whether your project is something of interest to them and whether it is something they can go. On your end, these are key aspects of a project you should be able to describe.

 Then, Write a Job Post to Appeal to your Target Freelancer

 Multiple replies will come in for any job ad requesting freelancers. Make it stand out, provide detail, and make it easy for freelancers to submit their own proposals. Remember to discuss your own business’s objectives for the role, provide information on the project, identify what you want from a freelancer, and indicate the payment rate here as well.

 Don’t be Afraid to Proactively seek out Freelancers

 If you know where to look online, searching for a freelancer yourself can also yield some very professional prospects. Many freelancing social media platforms provide search filters in areas such as languages, locations, rates, and even down to the skill. Performance ratings, testimonials, and examples of previous work are all important if you decide to venture out seeking a freelancer on these sites.

 Don’t Let a Remote Location Disqualify Them

 A freelancer working in a different time zone can still communicate with you via email, smartphone, and text. Working out a system of communication is best. Also, having someone work on the off-hours when you are not there can be beneficial for you and the project.

 Don’t Cheap out

 Offering a low rate is going to get you low quality work. Pay a few extra bucks to land top talent is the way to go and you’ll thank yourself for it down the line. Many freelancers work hard to establish rates. Paying a higher rate or signing a freelancer with a higher rate oftentimes means that they will have the experience and expertise behind them to excel in their role.

 Make the Deadline Clear

 Missing a deadline is a disaster both for your company and the project itself. Discuss the deadline with your freelancer and communicate to them the importance of meeting it. If they have clients or other projects going on that conflict, they should provide that info to you then and there.

 Protect your Intellectual Property (IP)

 Always have a freelancer sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or hire a freelancer through Upwork, which has their own terms of service agreement and confidentiality clause. Give yourself the opportunity to have an open, productive conversation without the risk of having your IP stolen.

 Conduct a remote Interview

 Set up your interview remotely. Video interviews are ideal as it allows you to chat face-to-face. From that initial interview, you can move to email but opening up communications via video can allow you to get a better feel on a person. Even for a remote worker, it’s important they are a good fit.

 Provide them with Brief Test Project

 Try a candidate on a small project to see how things go. If you have a few candidates to choose from, this might help narrow down who is the best fit. It will also let you know how they work and if they can adhere to a timeline.

 Have them Sign a Contract

 The last point that needs to be made in how to hire a freelancer is to make sure that you get them on a contract. Keep in mind that hiring a contractor is different than hiring an employee. Lay out terms on what work a freelance will work on and when, if the pay is fixed price or hourly, what that rate of pay is, and when and how payment will be made.

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