7 Ways to Optimize your Video Marketing Campaign

7 ways video marketing will boost your businessVideo marketing campaigns today operate in a highly competitive marketplace. Just by going into video marketing, you already have an advantage over those who are not yet there. Don’t rest on this though.

 Invest in getting to know these 7 ways in which you can optimize your video marketing campaign.

 No longer do you need to invest thousands of dollars into these huge, expensive productions that yield only temporary returns. These sites, software, and tech are all at your feet, and all you need to get going is a camera and lighting.

 Promo by Slidely

 Promo by Slidely gets you in on social media video marketing easy with unlimited access to millions of HD, professionally shot video clips. Promo has an exclusive partnership to Getty’s archives, meaning it’s as simple as searching by text, music, logo, or keyword.


 ClickFunnels is based around the sales funnels through which customers traverse towards that final sale. No matter how you want to build out these funnels, they can be personalized to increase the amount of email subscribers you have, can boost your sales figures, or can be used to track a video marketing campaign.


 Wistia has a number of video tools, including video hosting, analytics, and video marketing tools available for use. Through this tool, you can find out what videos are popular right now and you can build your own productions in accordance with this data.


 Videolean produces engaging video far cheaper than equally professional sources can. Designed to help companies produce promotional videos on the cheap, circumvent the more advanced and expensive software in doing so. Choose a video template that matches yoru campaign and then customize it to the way you want!


 Wideo compiles professionally shot videos in minutes. If you don’t want to spend hours producing a professional video for your product, check out this tool. Wideo is particularly specialized in producing animated videos. Produce engaging videos literally at the click.

 Facebook Live

 Take advantage of the live streaming capabilities of a social media platform like Facebook. One of the best video marketing tools in the marketplace today, Facebook Live provides you the chance to go live anytime, anywhere. It can give people a reason to visit your page again, can engage consumers in a new and exciting way, and is a great way to add to ongoing social media strategies.


 ClickMeeting is webinar software that works to engage your target market in a way that a regular video release cannot. Populate your webinar selection and turn this into sales. Also, easily combine ClickMeeting with Skype and Google to integrate it into your existing setup.

 How your interact with your audience is always going to be in a state of change. Today’s video marketing campaigns yield significant returns for businesses that are not afraid to invest their time and effort. These 7 ways to optimize your video marketing campaign can improve your video-derived revenues almost instantly. Any business owner should be referred to this list, if you want to get the most out of a video marketing initiative.

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