10 Ways you are Wasting your Time

These 10 things are huge time-wasters. Which are you guilty of?We all spend our time in different ways. I would bet that none of us can say that we maximize the opportunity out of every minute of every day. There’s always ways to spend time better. Take a look through this list of 10 ways you are wasting your time and think about what your priorities are.

 Watching TV

 TV is a huge time-waster. That’s no secret. Though it’s ok in moderation, the average person watches over five hours of TV every day. Just because it’s there, it does not mean you need to watch it. Find something better to do with your time.

 Analyzing things that you Do Not Need to Analyze

 Researching can actually get a bad name. The knowledge at your fingertips available in seconds is tempting. Don’t overthink it. Don’t spend your time planning when you could be doing.

 Scrolling Social Media Feeds

 Not only can social media waste your time but it can be a huge downer. Why not focus on your own business’ social media efforts instead?

 Being “Busy”

 There’s nothing wrong with high productivity. The key is balance though. Cramming in as much work as you can in a day is not what life is about. When things are “busy”, you are probably investing in too much effort and with not enough ROI.

 Surrounding yourself with Negative People

 People that prevent you from accomplishing your goals and that would rather mock you should be let go. Ask yourself, of your friends, which ones are actually worth keeping. Surround yourself with the right people that make you happy.

 Ignoring your Long-Term Goals

 Short-term gratification is attractive however forgetting about what you are chasing in the long-term can be deadly. Be willing to give up short-term benefits for long-term rewards.

 Complaining and being negative

 Each of us have our moments, naturally, but complaining about trivial things benefit no one. There’s a lot to dislike about the world but at some point, you need to choose, a) keep complaining and do nothing; b) stop complaining and do something about it; or c) admit that there’s nothing to be done and move on.

 Not Putting the Phone Down

 By constantly remaining engaged with your cell phone, you cut down on your social skills development.  Try to set some base rules to follow, such as no phones at the dinner table, keeping the phone charging across the room at night rather than beside your bed, and deleting any useless apps from the phone.


 Anyone can spend an entire day responding to emails. Sometimes, yeah, you might need to dedicate some extra time to following up on emails. Most of the time though, you can automate a lot of it, postpone answering to emails that are not urgent, and setting aside dedicated time in the day to respond to emails.


 Don’t wait for opportunity. Create that opportunity. Whether this is a new project, a business idea, a goal, a passion, or whatever the case, start living it today.

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