8 Ways to Build Small Business Growth using Video Marketing

8 ways you can grow your small business through video marketingVideo marketing maximizes the opportunity for any small business to grow their brand. Approximately one third of all online activity is watching video. That means a captive audience you should be learning how to tap into. Here are eight ways to do just that.

 Define in your Video what Makes you Unique

 Define your area of expertise and find your niche. Any marketing plan, video or otherwise, is dependent upon you figuring this out for your company. For customers to choose you, they need to know what makes you different when they line you up against your competition.

 Choose your Target Market and give them something to Talk About

 Many videos are played while people are on the move. In fact, more than half of all video content is consumed on mobile devices. That means a consumer looking for instant gratification and with no patience for anything more. Know who your targeting and how to capture their attention in ten seconds or less.

 Use Calls-to-Action and answer Questions

 Even if it’s adding a few short words at the end of a video, always have a CTA somewhere. Aim to answer questions through a video to give value and credibility to you as a subject matter expert (SME).

 Tailor your Video Marketing to Each Platform

 Know maximum video lengths and plan accordingly. Choose platforms where you can reach your intended audience. For example, Snapchat and Instagram opens your videos up to younger audience. Make sure your business videos are tailored to the platform and the audience.

 Analyze how your Video Marketing is Performing

 Accurately measuring ROI is key to ensuring you are putting your financial investments in the right place. Regularly review data. Analyze metrics like view count, play rate, watch time, click through, new leads, and social shares.

 Use Facebook for Live Broadcasts and Featured Videos

 Facebook Live gives you the chance to connect with users in real-time through video broadcasting. When you employ Facebook Live, any user associated with you will automatically receive notifications when you go live, increasing visibility of your brand instantly.

 Optimize your Videos to be found in Searches

 Make sure that users can find your videos. Boost their visibility by knowing how to optimize them for a given platform’s search engine. It may be a little different on how to do it, depending on whether you are using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform.

 Post ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Announcements’

 Keep your business out there by posting breaking news and announcements, using the opportunity to communicate business benefits. This may be the introduction of a new product, announcing a change to your business, or some other announcement.

 Build from Trending Topics and Hashtags

 This does not necessarily mean to be political. What we are saying here is to browse trending topics and what’s going on in the world, including in entertainment and general culture. If there’s a trending topic relevant to your business, use it to drive numbers and engagement.

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