Use these Holiday Marketing Strategies to Increase Revenues into the New Year

These holiday marketing strategies will increase your revenues well into the new yearThe holiday season from early November through to the end of December comes with promises of Christmas decorations, tree lighting ceremonies, and a battle for supremacy among retailers and the world’s biggest brands.

 For your business, holiday marketing strategies are the chance to connect with your customers in a fun way. Reward loyalty with exclusive promotional offers, warm up leads in the marketplace, or launch a powerful branding campaign in your local region. These are all techniques used by small to large companies to heighten their revenues and increase their profits.

 Every business should have some form of a holiday marketing plan in place. Ideally, this is something you want to plan out in the early fall for a Black Friday launch or post-Black Friday launch. Remember, it’s going to take repetition. Whichever strategy you choose and whatever promotional offers you are putting out there, it’s important to market often via emails, direct mailers, or graphic design work published via online platforms. Reach customers often and with strong, consistent messaging. For example, limited time offers does work to drive customers to buy now rather than to wait for tomorrow when they may be susceptible to marketing from a competing brand. Among the most widely used holiday marketing strategy are ‘limited time offers’.

 Most companies are going to be competing against far bigger brands for attention. In your marketing, you need to be specific about what makes you unique. Demonstrate what sets you apart from corporate competitors. It might be quality, experience, service, pricing, or something else. Know what it is and publicize it. Targeting high-traffic areas is also not a bad place to put up posters or flyers, or to reserve advertising space. Though this approach sees varied results, for some companies, it may be an option.

 Today, it’s easy to reach customers at home either via direct mail or through email. Sending out direct mail postcards with coupon codes or by launching an email marketing campaign perpetuated with limited-time coupon codes are both strategies found to have worked in years past. There is a lot of noise out there however so be sure to focus on your niche. Define what products you want to sell this holiday season and market those. Don’t be shy about it.

 Introducing loyalty cards or referral codes with elevated discounts or some sort of encouragement to make multiple sales is also a wonderful way to keep consumers coming to your store.

 Some companies have used event marketing to great ends. The holiday season might be the perfect time to launch a festive kick-off day including a tree-lighting ceremony, free hot chocolate, or maybe even a visit from Santa. Combine this with a flyer featuring holiday coupons and/or a limited-time discount code, and you may score big points with your audience.

 Social media is also going to play a big word in getting the word out so be sure to engage regularly. Be smart about what you share because you don’t want it to appear like you’re clouding up somebody’s feed.

 Also, make sure that everything you do on social media and through other channels is measurable. When you can track your ROI, this will help you make changes for next year when that time comes around again.

 If you’ve not already started planning your holiday marketing strategy, now’s the perfect time. When done right, you’ll maximize your profits this quarter, get you set up for a strong first quarter in the New Year, and you’ll get some excellent opportunities to spend time with customers, getting to know them a little better. Have fun and capitalize this holiday season!

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