Finding the Right Influencers to Promote Content and Elevate your Brand

How to find the best influencer to elevate your brandHow to successfully build relationships with influencers in your space is easy if you follow these three steps and abide by the law of averages.

 Chances are by approaching some influencers, you will find one or two who will be interested in providing some assistance. Though the end-game is to boost your content, keep in mind that influencers are people to so you need to bring something of value to them to get them interested. This is why we always advise to choose the most relevant influencers to your brand. If you’re looking for how to tap into the massive fan bases of influencers in your category, here is where we suggest you start.

 Find who is Sharing the most Popular Content in your Niche

 The influencers sharing the most popular content in your category of the marketplace are who you want to seek out. These influencers will be more likely to share similar content when it is put in front of them.

 Identify those who have sizeable followings relevant to your brand. Provide them relevant high-quality content that you can see their followings wanting to consume. There are many tools on the market who can show you the most shared content and that can identify the influencers sharing this content.

 Check who is Responsible for your own Content Doing so Well

 Let’s say you’ve had one or two pieces of content do well and that generated a pretty good amount of shares. This can be another easy place to look for influencers interested in sharing another piece of content.

 Because they are already familiar with your brand and have shown an interest in your content in the past, it should not be difficult to get their attention again. There are many tools that will help you identify your most shareable content and that can give some insight into who is sharing what.

 Identify Authors of Content similar to Yours that is Being Shared Online

 Blog authors and content authors with major followings on social media can help boost your content. Target these authors for high-quality backlinks. This is a practice that any well-versed blog author should be aware of.

 Most regularly link to third party websites and if you can qualify their interest, you might be able to capitalize on a segment of influencers you may not have thought of in the past.

 How to go about this is simply by selecting a few authors and taking the time to study the type of content they are putting out. Link to their blogs in your own content. Think about the way you might be able to improve their content, provide them something that you think their audience may like, or create additional content around some unexplored areas of their posts.

 A Lasting Thought

 Viral content is built on people sharing content with other people. The more people that share your content, the more eyes it will have on it. Finding influencers who have significant followings and who are interested in partnering up can be a great way to break out your brand in a big way!

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