Instagram Stories Embarks On Ultimate High With 150M Daily Users

Instagram places Ads in StoriesWe all know that Instagram wanted to get on the same level of success as Snapchat. So to be sneaky but also ingenious, they created Instagram stories. By doing this they have attained about the same success in terms of usage. Instagram has now reached 150 million daily users. But that’s not all. Instagram has included skippable ads into their stories.  We all know how annoying ads can be so this is no doubt a great idea. The social media giant will also be helping out entrepreneurs by providing business accounts with insights and cool features such as replies to their stories. This will without a doubt reach a larger crowd.

Instagram carefully decided to place the stories at the top of the app. This is a smart move because it is probably one of the first things that people are going to see. This is better than creating another app, because that would of course take more time and it might not be as successful.

If Instagram wasn’t doing well enough already, it now has 600 million monthly and 300 million daily users.
Regarding the story ads, it will soon be reaching areas all over the world. As of now it is being used on such well known corporations like Netflix, Capital One, General Motors, and Nike. You’re probably wondering why they picked businesses to test out the ads. Well, it actually makes a lot of sense. Business is a trending global market. It is a known fact that a lot of stories that are being viewed on Instagram were constructed by corporations. In addition, seventy percent of people that use Instagram follow a corporation. It is believed to be thought that such businesses like Nike for example, will build ads that are engaging.

James Quarles mentioned, “There are big plans ahead. Such as users wanting to purchase a video view.” This matter is again in regards to businesses. As of now there is not the choice to click to open a promoter’s website.
It is important to note that people will not see any ads unless they view many of their friend’s stories. As you are continually viewing stories, Instagram will incorporate an ad in-between. For a photo ad it will be five seconds and for a video it can be about fifteen. The great thing about these ads is that you have the choice to watch or skip them.

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