Will a Netflix Price Hike have people searching for other Options?

How devoted are you to your Netflix nights? Netflix is television central for many people, but even the most devoted TV and film fanatics may veer away from the service when it undergoes a price increase.

Australia has increased its Netflix monthly subscriptions for customers who create accounts on weekends, the time of the week that the service is used most often. Basic plans are now $9.99, Standard plans are now $13.99, and Premium plans are now $17.99. The plans have increased by one, two, and three AU dollars respectively.

The company plans to take note of how many people use Netflix after the fees are raised, hoping for little backlash and more understanding from their faithful followers. If all goes well, North America could be next.

People who truly value Netflix probably won’t be too shaken by the small price change as the service is still far less expensive than almost any other alternative provider. Netflix has also gained quite the following due to many of the exclusive/original series it releases such as Master of None, Stranger Things, Bloodline, and many more fan favourites. When it comes to how loyal fans will be after the price increase...only time will tell!

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