Next iPhone Will Feature Wireless Charging and Waterproof Casing

People who are accident-prone and  have dropped their cell phone in the toilet or pool will be happy to hear the latest in mobile news! It’s official: one or more of the upcoming iPhone models will be constructed to resist water damage and charge wirelessly, and this could put Apple even further ahead in the mobile device game.

No one likes it when their phone is dead and having to find an outlet on the go is pretty inconvenient! Plus, our phones always seem to run out of battery at the worse possible times. With their upcoming model however, this could soon all change for iPhone users. While Android has long embraced the wireless trend, it’s about time Apple warms up to this feature as well. People apparently heard of the wireless feature because of an accidental leak of a sketch of an iPhone that featured a large pad, in the same shape of a typical wireless antenna. 
These features will most likely be built into the iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, as the previously released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are already water and dust repellant to an extent. If owners of the models expose their phones to water on a regular basis, however, the devices could deteriorate faster, and the warranty doesn’t protect against water damage.

Although the water-resistant build of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is meant to hold out against accidental water or dust contact, many model owners use their phones in the shower without experiencing any immediate problems. Any issues would likely show up months or years later. For now, you might want to save your web or app browsing for later!

The next incarnation of Apple’s mobile phone won’t be semi-resistant to the effects of dust and water, but rather completely unaffected by them. The tech giant is ensuring that the composition of the phone makes it impermeable while maintaining its regular functions with expected efficiency.

These new and exciting features will put Apple on par with Samsung as it goes up against its competitor’s Galaxy S8, which is already water-resistant to the point of functionality after a half-hour of being in a 1.5 meter pool. We’ll just have to wait to see which phone comes out on top!

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