Controversial Mobile App Feature, Snap Map, Presents a New Way to Keep Tabs on your Target Market

Controversial Mobile App Feature, Snap Map, Presents a New Way to Keep Tabs on your Target Market Users of Snapchat may or may not be excited about the new feature, Snap Map that was recently released. This feature essentially allows users to keep tabs on each other along with their current location. Understandably, this is being considered by the public as both good and bad. On the positive side, it allows you to know exactly where your close friends are. On the negative side, it presents a privacy issue, not to mention a safety concern as well.

However, this new Snap Map feature is also proving to be very useful to the marketing industry since this new feature presents a new way to keep tabs on followers and target audiences. I guess you can say these marketers are now like the new big brother, as in they are always watching you!

People that are wanting to use Snapchat as a marketing tool can now boost their social media presence if used correctly. There are five simple pointers one can keep in mind to achieve this goal:

1) First and foremost, you must enable this mobile app feature in order to start using it. Depending on whether you’re using an android or an Apple device, there may be different ways to turn the location feature on. Usually each app will allow you to turn on the location feature individually.

2) The next step would be to ask people on your list who are well known to also turn on their Snap Map feature. For example, if they are at one of your events, they can now easily announce this to their many followers and promote your event or brand. These same followers might then follow you and in turn will be more inclined to find out more about you.

3) The third step would be to examine the statistical information. Using the Snap Map feature is a good way to see who is going where and who is doing what. It has the power to provide you with more knowledge on your followers in terms of what they like to do and what interests them. Even though Snap Map doesn’t provide nearly as much analytical insight as other social media platform features, it is still a great resource for information on your audience.

4) Following this step, you will then want to research popular marketing locations. Included in this app is also the “heat map” feature. It’s essential purpose is to show users what areas are popular and filled with Snapchat action and activity. This can potentially allow you to find out which places your followers like to visit.

5) The last step in boosting your social media presence is getting participation out of your work employees. Having your employees participate in Snap Map is another great marketing tactic. Get them involved when it is time for a new product launch or when hosting company functions and events. Every bit of advertising helps and on the plus side, it will also give employees a new sense of pride in their work. A better work culture is created when employees feel involved and needed. Snap Map is also easy to use therefore it’s also perfect for employees that may not be as tech savvy as others.

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