Here’s Why you’re Missing Out by Not using Influencer Marketing

Here's why you're missing out by not using influencer marketingMany companies are beginning to use influencer marketing to create conversions, particularly through the use of social media platforms. Instead of relying on a single strategy that works for an unknown period of time, influencer marketing changes as consumers change. Your company can generate traffic not only through simple Google searches, but also through social media presence, email advertising, and even word of mouth. So how does it work?

To successfully participate in influencer marketing, your company will team up with another larger, more popular company that promotes your products or services for a price you’ve negotiated. Both parties gain respect, trust, and exposure through a functional influencer marketing relationship. If you do it well, it can greatly increase the number of conversions your company gets.

Before you team up with a company similar to yours, make sure you know who your audience is and are aware of their likes, dislikes, and interests. You should have a clear idea of the age, race, gender, and socioeconomic status of your target audience to better advertise to them. Interact with them through polls, surveys, and comments on the most popular social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram.

Once you’ve got a good idea of what your target audience is like, begin connecting with influencers one at a time. Don’t settle for the quick and easy mass email strategy; it’s far too cold an approach to get you far. Narrow down your list of potential influencers to ten or less and create a personalized proposition for each, offering them money, marketing tool access, relationships with other influencers, or something else that will appeal to them and benefit their business. If you end up working with an influencer, don’t forget to formally thank them.

You may have little to no success with creating large influencer partnerships. Fortunately, many micro-influencers exist, too. With a smaller following but a greater instance of genuine customer connections, micro-influencers can promote your product to their active community and increase your customer reach. Facebook ads can help immensely with this strategy.

Do your best to instill brand loyalty into your target audience to create long-lasting customers and a steady source of revenue for your company. During your influencer marketing campaign, focus on coming across as honest and genuine to everyone you’re aiming to advertise to. Conversions increase as a byproduct of this focus, whereas they may remain stagnant if they’re the only thing getting attention.

Regardless of the marketing method you use, your time and effort should go into the process instead of the end result. Thinking too hard about how your company can immediately generate sales through influencer marketing can make your ads unintentionally manipulative or urgent, which doesn’t appeal to today’s consumers. Good campaigns make more conversions.

Of course, influencer marketing isn’t the ultimate advertising technique. If that were true, every company who did it would be rewarded with increased sales and loyal customers. It’s certainly useful, though, and can definitely bring more conversions. If you’re unsure if influencer marketing would be a good fit for your business, it’s a good idea to consult with a marketing company for sound advice on which influencers would be the most beneficial to team up with. Feel free to contact us!

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